Social Innovation Challenge 2015

Your simple Idea can be a first step to change the society and the world! Let's think about innovative ideas which can address social issues and bring a positive change in our society.

Thematic Areas:

1. Poverty
2. Education
3. Gender Equality
4. Unemployed Youth
5. Extremism

Rules of Social Innovation Challenge
  • • Get Registered by filling a form at the registration desk
  • • Maximum 3 members per team
  • • Present your idea in front of judges
Round 1: 8th May, 2015
  • Team(s) will get 3 minutes to pitch their Idea
  • Best Ideas will be shortlisted for the final round
Round 2: 12th May, 2015
  • Team(s) will get 5 minutes to present their idea
  • Presentation should be made in (.ppt)
Idea should be developed keeping in mind 4 judging criteria:

1. Innovation
2. Impact
3. Implementation
4. Sustainability


Winners will get Cash Prizes along with Certificates:

1st Prize = Rs. 5,000/-
2nd Prize= Rs. 3,000/-
3rd Prize = Rs. 1,500/-