Educational Hub, a Picturesque & Spacious Valley

Abbotabad, a small neat and clean city and a popular summer resort is located in NWFP province and is the second largest city of the province. The city is located at a height of 1,260 meters (4120 feet) in a beautiful valley surrounded by green hills, noted for its verdant parks, gardens, golf course and pine covered hills. The city is known for its pleasant weather. It serves as the gateway to most beautiful places in the Northern Areas of Pakistan – Karakorams, Himalayas and Hindukush.

It has been the hub of educational institutions. It has four medical colleges and six graduate level institutes and a military academy. Being a hill station, it provides a calm perfect environment for software research and development. It is located adjacent to Hattar Industrial City which makes it very attractive to the software industry willing to penetrate the local market.

It is a popular summer resort of lower Himalayan region with heights of 1,220 meters. Abbottabad is well known for its verdant parks, gardens, golf course, pine covered hills, famous Educational Institutions, military academy. It also serves as gateway to the most beautiful places in Pakistan. The mighty mountain ranges of the Karakorams, the Himalayas and Hindukush could be reached through abbottabad, the gateway to silk route. Major area of abbottabad is still British. The European bungalows, the club, the church and cemetery are still there.

How to reach Abbottabad

The Abbottabad is located approximately 100km from Islamabad. The airport services both domestic and international flights are available to Islamabad. It takes approx. 2.5 hours to reach Abbottabad from Islamabad. From Islamabad you may choose any of the following transports to travel down to Abbottabad

  • Daewoo Bus service service available between Islamabad and Abbottabad.
  • Several cab and taxi services are also available

Places to Visit

Ilyasi Mosque - Built on top of natural fountain, Ilyasi Mosque is frequented by visitors. A hiking track starts from near the mosque.

Shimla Hill - Also situated within the city confines, Shimla hill is a beautiful picnic resort.

The Harnoi River Picnic Spot - Some 10 Km from Abbottabad city center, this picnic spot is in full swing in the summers. Last year’s CSE city tour was to this point and Ilyasi Mosque.

Adjoining Picnic Spots - Nathia Gali, Thandiyani, Ghora Gali, Ayubia, Mansehra